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Anatomy of a Doof by PurpleArtemis Anatomy of a Doof by PurpleArtemis
A young girl in 7th grade was asked by her friends at a party, "What kind of guy do you want?"
The girl replied, "I want a guy with black hair and blue eyes."
Her friends then asked her, "What do you want his body to look like?"
So the girl thought for a while, and then replied, "He'll be thin and muscular, but not too muscular."
Some time passed and the girl entered 8th grade. She was asked by her father, "What kind of guy do you want?"
The girl replied with the same answer. "I want a guy with black hair and blue eyes."
Her father then asked, "What kind of guy will he be?"
So the girl, after thinking a while, replied "He'll be different from other guys. He will be unique."
Some more time passed, and the girl was soon to enter high school. She was asked by her mother before her first day, "What kind of guy do you want?"
The girl replied with the same answer yet again, "I want a guy with black hair and blue eyes."
And her mother asked, "What will his personality be like?" 
After thinking again, the girl replied, "He will be sweet and nice and open-minded. He won't care for lust or foolishness. He will be brave and put everyone before himself."

A few years went by. The girl lost the friends she has once had. She grew apart from her father. Her mother grew weak from a deadly illness and passed away.
She was quiet and lonely. Often, she would cry because no boy would love her.

She met a boy with black hair and blue eyes.

He was muscular, but not too muscular.
He was different from other guys. He was unique.
But he was not sweet, not nice, not open-minded. He did care greatly for lust and foolishness. He was not brave, and he put himself before everyone else.
She hated him. She was meant to hate him.
But despite her hate for him, he grew closer to her. 
And he showed her sides of himself that she had not seen in him before.
And she learned from him. 
And she understood him.
And she admired him.
So one day, the boy asks, "What kind of guy do you want?"
And she replies this time with a question. "Why do you ask?"
So he asks her, "Do you love me?"

She smiles at him, leans in, and whispers to him, "No."
"You taught me that I don't need to find love. At least not for now."
"All I want is a guy with black hair and blue eyes."
"Thank you for finally showing up, Coby."


That bastard really does have a mind of his own.

So yeah, in case that last part couldn't be understood Coby is there for me in times of need, and he's made me realize over the years I've had him that that is all I really wanted from a guy. Romance can wait for later after I've lived my youth to its fullest and chased my dreams. 
Yeah, when I was young my dream guy looked a lot like Coby. But he was nothing like him in personality. I don't know if it was a subconscious choice when I designed him to make him look like my ideal guy from when I was young, but even if it was, he definitely took on a character of his own. Even before I started really honing in on him like I have been lately, he taught me a lot, about both myself and himself.

So I decided to do this little thing where I literally look inside him to uncover all his hidden little secrets.
Coby may not seem like the most emotional person, choosing to lock everything up inside himself, but later on in his story, everything starts spewing out. Secrets, emotions, thoughts and feelings he never knew he had, and even tears that have been locked up inside for a decade. With all the overwhelming internal struggles he faces, his insides get really messed up as you can tell from this lovely little illustration. Daw I just wanna lie on his belly and tell him it's gonna be okay

I've also done a lot of internal anatomy study so I decided to put that to the test with this too

Coby is that seawater in your heart that can't be good for the cardiac tissue

And I know stomach fluids usually aren't green it's just a thing y'know
Maybe he swallowed green food coloring you never know
Looks like those butterflies are having a blast by the way

In case the text is hard to read:

   -Bigger than it looks
   -One with the sea
   -Beats proudly (And loudly!)
   -Always spewing hot air
   -Know when to take a deep breath
   -Filled to the brim with butterflies
   -Always churning up swallowed emotions
(4) GUT
   -Twisted and tangled
   -Trustworthy; knows its way around
   -Big enough to swallow fear
   -Too small to swallow pride
(6) EYES
   -Holding back a lifetime's worth of tears
   -Able to mask doubt with intimidation
   -Always twisted in a crooked smirk.
   -Never shuts

And the song quote around him is from Ain't it Fun by Paramore, a very fun and ironically upbeat song that fits Coby and his arrogance pretty well. 
"You're not the big fish in the pond no more; you are what they're feeding on"

I don't think Coby wants to go crying to his mama anyway

Anyway that's about it! Sorry for the HORRIBLE quality picture. My family got rid of our scanner so I have to resort to taking pictures with my iPhone and then editing them in SAI. Yaaaay. It's a LOT better in person and I'll definitely get up an actual scan if we get a new scanner.

Artwork (c) Me
Coby Bastion/"Cobalt" (c) Me
Song - Ain't it Fun (c) Paramore
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KcBarron2000 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014
Paramore! : D
PurpleArtemis Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah! ^^
KcBarron2000 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014
Awesoooome. I was grinning so wide when I saw the first few words XD.
and omg those internals are bueatiful. ;u; 
PurpleArtemis Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you!! ^^
Jessica-Rae-3 Featured By Owner May 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:rofl: Is it sad that I was snickering at a lot of these? :giggle: 
PurpleArtemis Featured By Owner May 1, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hahaha no you should be >w<
Jessica-Rae-3 Featured By Owner May 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well good. :meow:
Yasseto Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014
To be honest I loved the descriptions so much, you don't even understand. 
My favorite was the throat. 
Great drawing even without your scanner Alb.
DrSquichy Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
All of these descriptions made me giggle slightly, but I see the meaning behind each of them. I also liked the little backstory to the description. It really gives insight to what you said later on in the description. I really like this; its a really neat idea. :clap:
RestartBob Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014
What a fun idea and well prepared. I especially enjoy the heart ship and bowel compass.  I'm not good with anatomy, but the lungs look rather small. A liver might balance that out by filling the void.

As for the beautiful description, romance might be nice in theory, but life is more important. So, good stuff. I quite like where the character development seems to be going.
PurpleArtemis Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah the lungs are a bit small because I didn't want them to fill up his whole chest. But it's mostly representation I was going for.

I'm glad you like it c: Coby has done more for me than a relationship ever would, and he's made me realize that right now what I need is to follow my dreams and be independent before worrying about dating like everyone else. 
RestartBob Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014
The lungs work great as a representation. I just finished a class on mammalian physiology so I'm as anatomy picky as I ever could get haha.

Sounds like you were having some "boy problems" heh. But that is wonderful that you were able to find out what you needed through Coby. One should do what's best for themselves before sharing their life with another. Of late I have realized a lot of relationships can be based on fulfillment of mutual roles. If one is looking for someone to be with, is it not a search for a  role rather than a person? I don't know: it's pretty serious stuff. Emotions are powerful and people can be easily hurt easily through actions with unintended results.
Oops, bit of a ramble. Follow your dreams, good stuff
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